Long Guns at Bay Area Gun Store

Reviews from local customers:

  • We are so glad to see a nice gun shop in Santa Rosa! My wife and I were treated very well and felt very comfortable. I also felt that safety and responsibility was more important to them than selling guns. I can’t wait to go back! ~ Sean
  • A really good store that is run by great people… ~ David

Reviews from Yelp:

Exterior of Schmidt Firearms

  • This is a great shop, with everything you need, including the most attentive and honest sales staff around. They also have an ability to access what isn’t in the case without price gouging or or trying to convince you to buy what you don’t want rather than ordering it from elite manufacturers. Highest recommendation! ~ Jack
  • I didn’t feel any attitude from anybody here and I was happy to see that they did have powder and other reloading supplies in stock. ~ Ken

Reviews from NorthBayShooters.com:

  • Went in and picked up my new Blackhawk today. Neat gun. A nice companion to the Vaquero I bought from Vic several months ago. Store was busy when I walked in about 5:30 PM. Every time I walk in there, I notice it is significantly busier. Everyone is really friendly and bends over backwards to answer questions and/or order stuff for you if they don’t have it in stock. Bottom line for me? I am committed to supporting Schmidt & Titoni Firearms (now Schmidt Firearms). I like it when owners of a store actually appreciate the business we bring them.
  • I picked up a pistol and a shotgun from them last week and thought that everyone was super nice. They seemed to want to sell me on the all-black shotgun for home protection.