If you’re a gun enthusiast, reloading may offer a way for you to save on ammo costs for your guns. But if you’re making your first forays into the world of reloading, finding the right reloading equipment and metallic reloading supplies can be a daunting task. Whether you’re looking for discount reloading supplies or precision reloading equipment, we can help steer you in the right direction, and you’ll be on your way to loading your own ammo.

To get you started, we can walk you through the different components and the metallic reloading supplies you will need. Some of these reloading supplies you likely already know about, such as RCBS reloading equipment, but to help you with the buying process, keep in mind we carry most of the reloading supplies you’re likely to need. These include:

  • reloading bullets
  • reloading shotshell
  • metallic reloading cartridges
  • rifle bullets
  • powder
  • primer
  • bullet casting
  • tumblers
  • cleaners

The brands for which we carry reloading supplies include:

  • Lyman
  • Winchester
  • Hornady
  • RCBS
  • Federal

If you’re an avid shooter but just learning about reloading you can also find many metallic reloading supplies in reloading kits sold by your gun manufacturer. Ask us about recommendations for reloading kits if you’re unsure how to get started.

If you have purchased a reloading kit, you will still need to purchase reloading bullets, powder, and primers, and we carry these reloading supplies year round.

Caution: There is an element of danger to the practice of reloading. We always recommend that you wear the proper gun safety gear and follow the instructions provided by your gun manufacturer’s reloading guide to properly and safely reload. Reloading involves experimenting with powder in different quantities and/or brands to create the right mix for your gun, so the practice has many inherent risks. We also recommend following these gun safety tips as a matter of practice.

To learn more about the reloading supplies and other accessories we keep on hand, please call us at 707-545-8826.