Our stock of durable, rugged BB guns, pellet guns, and air guns are easy to handle and perfect for practicing marksmanship skills. These types of recreational guns are great for safely teaching kids how to shoot but adults will also like their accuracy, with many models that come with scopes — great for target practice. If your child has asked for a BB gun, consider getting one for yourself — it’s a good introductory gun to teach safety when handling guns, and it offers great way for you and your family to get outdoors and hunt varmint and other small prey. And these guns are fun to shoot!

If you are looking for a first gun for your child, consider the Crickett 22 rifle by Keystone. Lightweight and easy to handle, Crickett rifles are designed for the beginning shooter. Stop in and see our selection of bolt action single-shot rimfire Crickett rifles today!

We also carry Red Ryder BB guns. First introduced in the 1930s, Red Ryder BB guns have been featured in many TV shows and movies and are one of the most popular BB guns in the world. With its solid wood stock and forearm and lariat ring with leather saddle thong, this youth rifle remains true to its original design.

We also carry many models of air rifles. Our stock of BB guns and air guns include many models that resemble rifles. Bear in mind we discuss with our customers the importance of maintaining the safety features of BB guns and air guns, particularly for purchases for children under the age of 18. Under California law, though, adults have to buy these types of guns; minors can use them only with parent or guardian permission.

Stop in to Schmidt Firearms to see the brands we carry, which include:

  • Crickett
  • Daisy
  • Gamo
  • Keystone

To learn more about our BB gun and air gun supplies and accessories, please call us at 707-545-8826.