When the early morning sun burns white-hot, it’s hard to imagine there will ever be an end to summer. Beyond the northern horizon lies the promise of a new duck hunting season. ~ Tom Fulgham

Hunting Resources

Hunting in California is part of the California Department of Fish & Wildlife website and offers detailed information and links on the various California hunting seasons for wild pig, deer, bear, duck, small game, and much more. You’ll also find hunting season dates, regulations, licensing, and other useful hunting tips and information.

The California Fish and Game Commission recently voted to adopt regulations banning the use of lead ammunition for hunting throughout the state.  Read about the lead free ammo regulations.

Hunter shooting at a targetThe following information, and much more, is also available on the California Department of Fish & Wildlife website.

Who Needs Hunter Education?

In most states, hunters can not hunt legally unless they have had some type of formal education in the proper handling of firearms. Today, California requires hunter education training for all persons who have not formerly held a California hunting license, who do not have a hunter education certificate of completion, or who do not have a current, valid, hunting license from another state or province.

Can I take a hunter education class online?

Yes and no. California does have an online course. The online course in itself will not get you a valid hunter education certificate. There are currently three options for you:

  1. Hunter-Ed.com
  2. HUNTERcourse.com California
  3. International Hunter Education Association

These sites have an online course that you can run through at your own pace. Once you have completed one of the above online courses, you will still need to attend a 4 hour home study/online follow-up class with a certified hunter education instructor. The benefit of taking this class is having the ability to study at a pace that works for you and to only have to take a 4 hour follow-up classroom session versus a 10+ hour class. A list of home study/online instructors is located on our website. Classes are listed by county. Class Schedule

Continue reading on the California Department of Fish & Wildlife website.

Shooting Resources

Sonoma County is renowned for having a friendly environment for hunting and shooting. In addition to local areas set aside for duck hunting during the season, we also have a number of shooting clubs and ranges in the area to engage with other gun enthusiasts and do what we always tell our customers: Practice! We also have a number of local forums for gun owners and we’ve included links below to those sites as well.

Local Shooting Ranges

  1. Circle S Shooting Range (Petaluma): (707) 762-4965
  2. Ukiah Rifle and Pistol Club


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