Person Cleaning a GunBelow are some of the common questions people have about our business or purchasing a gun or other gun supplies.  If you have additional questions, the best thing to do is give us a call, 707-545-8826.

Q: Can I bring a firearm into your store?
A: Yes, but it cannot be loaded and it must be in a locked case.

Q: What documentation do I need to purchase a firearm?
A: California driver’s license, Handgun Safety Certificate (HSC) card for handguns, and proof of residency (PG&E or cable bill, or car registration. More info on the HSC here.

Q: Do you sell or buy used guns?
A: Yes, we do both. Bring in your used guns, but make sure they are unloaded and in a locked container.

Q: What brand of reloading equipment do you sell?
A: We sell primarily RCBS and Lyman reloading equipment because they are top quality products.

Q: Do you offer discounts on any firearms or supplies?
A: Yes, we do offer discounts to law enforcement and military personnel. Call us to discuss this program.

Q: Do you provide any gunsmithing or cleaning services?
A: Not on site, but we can recommend local gunsmiths and gun cleaners that we use.