Owners of Schmidt Firearms

Shirley & Don Schmidt are the owners of Schmidt Firearms

Unflappable, easy-going, and friendly, Shirley Schmidt is The Gun Gal at Schmidt Firearms. She has been handling guns and shooting since before she could walk. Shirley owns the store with her husband, Don.

Don Schmidt is an avid hunter and he too, has been handling guns since before he could walk. Don is a life-long NRA member.  In his spare time, Don has organized guided hunts and also participates in many recreational hunts in Northern California.

Shirley and Don work hard to create a gun store where their customers feel no question they have will go unanswered. They want their customers to know they can feel good about any recommendations they make about the guns, ammo, or supplies that they sell! That is because they will talk with you about your interests and experience and make recommendations that fit with your particular recreational or security needs. Shirley and Don are not absentee owners — when you come into the gun store, you are talking to an owner who has your best interest, and your safety, at the heart of everything they do or sell.

Safe Kids Area at Schmidt Firearms, Inc.

Safe Kids Area

Shirley Schmidt has created an atmosphere at the store where safety and a comfortableness are evident. Shirley’s first priority for her customers and potential customers is to “treat them right.” Shirley and Don want you to know you can feel good about bringing your family, your kids, and even the family dog into their shop. They’ve created a secure, fun space for kids, where they can safely play while their parents ask questions and find the gun, ammo, or accessory they came in to buy. And for women, Shirley wants you to know that there are also women at the store to assist you with your questions and with any home or personal security needs you have.

Don and Shirley are advocates for support of the military and local law enforcement. Don’s dad served in World War II.  Veterans, active military, law enforcement and all first responders have friends at Schmidt Firearms.

Schmidt Firearms Supports Military & Law Enforcement

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